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When it comes to a creative block what's your biggest challenge or frustration? 


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For People Who Are Creative & Have Felt Stuck In their Head

Writer’s Block? Feels like the symptom being felt is so much more. Whether you are a manager of a big company, or a student preparing for school. You find yourself asking, "What is causing me to feel so blah?"


What are limiting self-beliefs?

Author Mark Shepherd responds to our question about limiting self-beliefs, "Beliefs we are talking about are the ones that are constantly running under the surface of your conscious awareness that tell you how to behave, what’s possible, what’s true or not, what’s good for you. What your purpose is. What’s not possible for you. One of the most universal beliefs that shows up in my private practice over and over again is “Not good enough.” (2019, Honest Hypnosis).


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I'll share a limiting self-belief that I discovered, even though I now believe that my art IS good enough to share it with the world (and in for two consecutive years 2012 and 2013 my art was in a digital expose in Times Square, New York, Miami and in a New York Gallery). I had a belief that being good enough wasn’t good enough to get people to purchase my art." I didn't make the unconscious thinking “I'll wait till I get better” conscious. We must take time to observe our inner dialogue.” Negative, limiting beliefs like that can rob us of our dreams! Through my struggles to get my art out into the world it forced me to learn the business of art, take courses like Think & Grow Rich, Empowered LIfe, Empowered Business and seek sales mentorship from worldclass leaders like John C.Maxwell and Paul Martinelli.  So while I’m grateful that I learned these tools, I've created a system that has helped me find solutions to each mindset that prevents me from achieving my greatness.

Benefit One

Effectively change beliefs or perceptions that you have about yourself and the way the world works.

Benefit Two

Gain clairty and insight into what is holding you back from living the life you want.

Benefit Three

Convey the impression that you are self-confident, clear and understand your abilities and situation.

Through an intentionally designed art mentorship process  people break through blocks caused by limiting self-beliefs hindering their creativity and success.

Product Features

Worldclass Leadership Art content to help you elevate your success

Increased Self-Esteem through suggested daily exercise.

Mindfully aware resulting from artistic exercises and approaches provided by lessons.

Community based connections through discussions and private group.

Think $ Grow Rich with Paul Martinelli

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"It feels like my whole life, all I wanted to do was do new things and meet new people. Then it came time to leaving the house and I couldn't! I'd have panic attack because I didn't know what I wanted to do! I always had trouble with the mindfulness technique. With art mentorship, I learned better techniques for changing my perceptions, and it's improved my life immensely."

Anna Sthesia
Yoga Coach

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